Welcome Back!

Published: Aug 14, 2021  |   Category: Uncategorized

The new teaching year begins Monday, August 16, 2021!

The pandemic is still going on but hopefully this year will be less stressful. You are welcome back to the studio with a mask (I'm fully vaccinated) or you may choose to stay online or switch back and forth.

When we first went into lockdown we were able to seamlessly switch to Zoom. However by October 2020 we changed over to RockOutLoud.Live for a superior teaching experience. This is my new normal. After some 40 years of teaching I would have never dreamed that I would be doing the hybrid of online/ in person lessons! But I really like it! Almost no one has to miss their lesson now. I've been able to teach students while they were camping at Disney, Carlsbad Caverns, while with grandparents in other parts of the US and I even have a young student in WV that I've never met in person!

The one thing that really surprised me was that I really think my students made more progress during the lockdowns then they ever did in person! I suppose it was because there was little else to do as far as sports, etc. But that's okay. I'll take it!  laugh

So welcome back and let's have a great year in music!!!

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