• : FREE!!! All kinds of blank manuscript paper for whatever instrument or ensemble for which you may be writing. Happy composing!
  • Florida State Music Teachers Assoc. : I am on the state board of this organization. I am the Vice President for Non-Competitive Events. I coordinate our District Student Day program for the entire state of Florida. Locally we call it Student Day.
  • Free Piano Music! : This site has wonderful pieces in several different levels for you to download and print. Even Fur Elise!!!! I download and print stuff all the time for my students. Now you can do it anytime you wish!!!
  • Guitar Chord Chart : Great sight to download an easy-to-read guitar chord chart.
  • Making Music Fun : Lots of free sheet music, worksheets and fun things to do.
  • Music Fun worksheets and games : Just click on the "I accept" button on the bottom to download all kinds of worksheets with games and drills on them. You don't even have to sign up. It's free and part of Australia's music program. The only catch is they use different names for the note values. Example: a quarter note in England and Australia is called a crotchet. Different, huh? I'll bet you didn't know that!
  • Music Notes : I download all my sheet music from this site. You can print it as soon as you buy it. If you don't have a printer, you may pay me directly and I can download and print it at your next lesson. A lot of my teenagers love this site.
  • Music Teachers National Association : This is the national music teachers association to which I belong. If you are moving away you can search a certified teacher like me in the area to which you are moving. Look for "Choosing a Music Teacher" on the lower left of the page. Put in your new zip code and you will find a list of certified teachers in your new area.
  • Musicians Friend : This website is good for ordering keyboards and anything to do with stringed instruments like guitar and violin. Leitz Music on Harrison Ave will usually match their price if you prefer to buy locally.
  • PIANO TUNER : Tim Hollis is the only registered tuner/technician in this area and the only one I use to tune or regulate my piano.
  • Ukulele chords for baritone : Great resource for baritone uke players.
  • Ukulele chords for soprano : Great resource for beginning uke players.