Welcome to My Studio! 


I just love teaching! I have taught piano and violin continuously (except for the two and a half years during which I managed a shoe store in a mall in NC) from age 14 until present. Over 40 years of experience! I teach all ages and have special training in teaching very young children and adults. 


Here are some facts about me:


  • Nationally and state certified through MTNA and FSMTA

  • Currently teach piano, violin, ukulele and Baroque recorder in the private studio

  • Teach Recreational Music Making (RMM) for adults and teenagers

  • For several years I taught Music Appreciation at GCSC for Education Encore and Honors Piano Camp 2003-2007

  • I teach during the summer

  • Have received teacher training in Suzuki Violin and Piano

  • Serve as Antitrust Compliance Officer of NW Florida Music Teachers Assoc., Inc. (NFMTA)

  • Served as VP for Local and District Associations, Florida State Music Teachers Assoc., Inc. (FSMTA)

  • I am a MusicLink teacher





I have been using technology in my studio since 1994. I was the second person to do this in my area. The ability to teach more than just how to play the piano or violin (or Baroque Recorder) is very important to me. I have been able to teach music history, theory, ear training, composition, multicultural music, etc. by means of technology such as my computers, keyboards, and software.

Ensemble experience is another aspect of music which I love to teach. I teach group piano classes in the summer for young people and adults. I also have coached several ensembles. Recreational Music Making (RMM) is a special course for adults and teenagers that want to quickly learn their favorite tunes using a lead sheet reading approach. RMM is making music for your own personal fulfillment.


A music lesson with me lasts  a half hour. I teach online or in person. Siblings may spend time during each other's lesson doing lab working with the computer, iPads and/or keyboards. I also use lab during your actual lesson where appropriate. Group lessons are one hour and do not have lab. 

Please see the rest of my website for more information about me and my studio!

 contact: 850-624-2848 call or text               brooksmusic@hotmail.com